THE ACTOR'S AUDIT - 1hour - Actor Consultation

Are you ready to improve your brand as an actor? If so, this Actor's Audit is precisely what your brand needs!This consultation is for new actors or actors who need guidance, feel stuck, and haven't booked principal roles. You tell me where you are, your goals, and your desires. I will create a plan to get you on track. I will give you professional guidance and advice regarding your acting career and the material that you are currently using to market yourself. This one-on-one is perfect for getting you on track and beginning to understand what Casting Directors, Agents, and Managers look for in actors.
This audit will help with the following;● Headshot Assessment● Identifying your types● Self-Tape & Type Preparation● Actor's Package Assessment (Casting Profiles) ● Full List of Casting Directors and ● Talent Agencies E-guide ● Actor's Resources Guide

Please understand the following;*All consultations are done via zoom. Links are sent via email after you purchase.*Please take this appointment seriously. My time is valuable, and so is yours. * An actor's audit questionnaire will be sent via email. Please send all of your acting material and questions beforehand.*If you are no show, you will forfeit your consultation. *If you need to reschedule, you have two days to do so or hold for future credit.* No refunds



Consultation for Actors

We are offering 2 consultation services for actors. Please review the details to see which consultation best fits your needs.


15 Minute FREE Consultation for Actors

Now offering 15-minute free consultation. This free consultation is offered onWednesday's ONLY from 12:00p-2:00p. *Spaces are limited, first serve basis*
Do you have questions on how to get started in the film industry, or what to do next? Have you ever wanted to work on a movie production set and gain set experience. Book a call so to evaluate your needs for acting. We will decide on the right steps & services that are needed for you.


30 Minute Zoom Consultation for Actors

If you do not know where to start as an actor, this 30-minute virtual zoom consultation is for you!I will help you create a strategic plan and offer you the proper tools, and resources to give you guidance for your acting career. This one on one will allow you to ask any questions and concerns about getting started.


7-Week Intensive Actor's Course:  

Are you ready to become the actor you always dreamed of? Well, you are in the right place to realize your dream. It is our goal to develop your brand in order to position you for success within the entertainment industry. Our 7-week class is geared toward establishing your mindset, image, and online presence (package, website, training, social media) as an actor. Classes are development and learning experience. It is not an audition or hire opportunity. 

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7-Week Intensive Actor's Course:  

Are you a working actor that's confused about what to do next in your career or does not have a marketable package to catch Casting Director's attention to book the role?

Do you have a passion for acting but don’t know how to get started or what Casting Directors are looking for?
If so, you're going to love this investment.

This investment provides the following;
● Weekly consultation online via zoom
● Building Actor's Package (Week 1-7)
● Understanding the Casting Process
● Detailed Submission Portfolio
● Key Terms
● Actor's Resources (Agents, Casting Directors)
● Free Ebook for New Actors
● Feedback from Industry Professionals & more...

This workshop is for actors to offer you the tools to build your package. get your foot in the door in the Film & Television industry. This workshop will prepare you for booking opportunities by setting you apart from other aspiring actors. Being well prepared and understanding what casting directors are looking for, will allow you to be a great addition to the set

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Talent Brand Development: Level 2 Workshop 

You've got the basics down-packed of being an actor But, is your online presence solidifying your credibility as a talented actor? In our level 2 workshop, you will learn how to establish yourself online. Remember as an actor, YOU are a BRAND, and BRAND'S must be seen.
This investment provides the following;● An Actor's Brand Presence Audit & Assessment ● Personalized Actor's Website● Social Media Content Plan & Structure
This workshop is for actors that have gotten their feet wet in the Film & television industry but still don't have a clear brand for themselves. This workshop will prepare you to step into the online world of the internet and social media, bringing your talents to the world on your own terms. Having a high-quality and consistent brand presence online and on social media will help you attract attention from casting directors who are looking for talent.

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